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Hi! Name is Jaime! I am not sure what exactly you would like to know about me....I procrastinate(seeing as how long it took me to actually write this thing) I am married, have 1 child, a boy named Gunner. 4 cats, 2 dogs, 10 chickens, and 6 goats...not for eating just as pets. I run this blog with one of my besties from high school back when N Sync was popular, but I think she preferred Backstreet Boys.

I love to read, blogging is fun...html codes are my nemises but that's what the boss is for :)

And now I have to go because Gunner wants some crispy toast crunch.  LOL I love him

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Hey! I am Kim! I am (according to Jaime) "the boss."  I signed on to help Jaime out with her blog and wow, has it given me the opportunity to meet new people and find out about awesome books!  I live in Charleston, SC and yes, I love sweet tea :)   I am married to my high school sweetheart, Chris, we have been together for 14 years and married for almost 6. We have a furbaby named Lily who apparently is getting me ready for kids since she acts like a baby. 

I love to read of course! I have a Nook, but still have tons of paperbacks! Sometimes you just can't give up the feel of a book in your hand.  I love reading just about everything and am always welcome to try anything out just once.  And for the record, I loved the Backstreet Boys, however, they aren't boys anymore ;)

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Just some extra information about us:

Kim is the PA for LP Dover!

Jaime also is a PA for HK Savage and Nancy Straight!


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