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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping 

All right people. I have a confession. I am the most last minute christmas shopper EVER. Seriously. I don’t think I start until Thanksgiving and that depends on the sales going on online. I hate crowds and people piss me off. LOL

So, this post is for those people like me.  I have kids to shop for that range from 2-13, not to mention the adults. The kids to me are hard as hell to shop for. I don’t know what they want, what they already have or they want something super expensive. Especially if you are on a budget.

Let’s talk gift cards. I despise giving gift cards to kids because I feel they get jipped out of opening something. But it is easier to give one if they know exactly what they want, they can buy it themselves. But to make you, I mean me, feel better, do this, get a gift card and then buy some jammie pants, wrap them both up. PJ pants are pretty cheap.

What kind of gift card? Unless they want something specific, I say get a VISA gc. That way they can use it anywhere. If they have gaming systems, try looking for a store gift card for that. Like playstation has PS Store gc’s that range from $10-$100. So you can do a $10 gc and pj pants. Done. Plus, the parent doesn’t have to go anywhere LOL. This works great for kids probably 9+.

Now, what’s next? Toys. Nerf guns are ALWAYS good, unless the parent doesn’t want their children to have toy guns or weapons. That’s okay! Because there are also Lego’s. Nerf guns and lego’s. There are ones called Duplo’s which are big ass Lego’s for smaller kids.

I’m not great at finding toys. They change their minds so fast and grow so quick, they might not like them next week.

If you are doing clothes, stick with sweaters or PJs. Why? You will have less problems with these because you have a 90% success rate of them actually fitting. Jeans and shoes and stuff, all that can lead to disasters and headaches unless you know the actual real sizes. Also, remember, that kids grow. You don’t want them to have pants and then them be to short/small next month.

I think that’s all. Gift Cards with PJ bottoms, Lego’s, Nerf guns, sweaters. Oh blankets are cool too. It might not be much that list up there but in the end, it’s much easier. Especially if there are siblings and then one thinks you like the other more than the other ones. More headaches LOL.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t get something extra if you want. Just my idea on how to make it a slight bit easier. :)

Cheers, have a great holiday!