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Friday, June 17, 2016

NEW RELEASE: Dating an Alien Popstar by Kendra L. Saunders

Crimson Tree Publishing is proud to present a new release, Dating An Alien Popstar by Kendra L. Saunders.

Daisy Kirkwood has only just escaped her small-town life and run away to New York City, the land of last-minute secret gigs at famous musical venues, when she's kidnapped by aliens. Unfortunately, no one ever writes about how to handle alien abduction in those fancy NYC guidebooks.

Griffin and Dev are supermassively sexy aliens from a politically and environmentally troubled planet who arrive on Earth with very little knowledge about human ways other than what they learned from a wayward E! News signal. Their mission is to pretend to be the most influential people on the planet—English pop stars, of course!—and gain the help of a powerful secret society. Upon arriving, they abduct Daisy Kirkwood, a nerdy young woman who loves music but could seriously use a bit of help in the love-life department. Though Griffin and Daisy initially squabble, neither can deny the intergalactic sparks whenever they're too close to each other. Together, they must face murderous aliens, cultural misunderstandings, bad backup musicians, and the dark side of fame and the media, all set against a tight deadline…

Part High Fidelity, part Bridget Jones' Diary, part Doctor Who, Dating an Alien Pop Star is a sexy romantic comedy.

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Outside, it’s lightly drizzling, though even a three-week education in the weather of Manhattan warns me that drizzle will soon turn to the sort of rain that makes you sneeze the next morning.

Griffin shivers and one of the bodyguards leaps forward, holding his jacket over Griffin’s head as a shield against the rain. Another follows suit with Devon.

We should return to the hotel,” one of the bodyguards says. “You aren’t walking properly, Prince Griffin, and this precipitation is cold.”

Yeah, I suppose he’s right,” Devon says, though in a rather disappointed tone.

I catch Devon’s sad smile, and I think of what he’d said earlier about rain. “The rain won’t hurt you,” I say. “Not if you’re only in it for a few minutes.” With the sort of courage you acquire from alcohol, I reach up and push the jacket away from over Devon’s head. Mercifully, the bodyguard doesn’t decide to murder me. “Go on,” I say. “You might as well enjoy the rain while you can.”

Devon tips his face upward, like someone in a movie, and his mouth melts into a big smile. “It’s so cold! It’s rain, Griffin! Real rain!”

I’ve never really thought about rain in positive terms; it’s usually a nuisance, slowing progress when you’re driving or walking, or ruining your hair. But watching Devon stand in the rain, face tilted up and eyes closed, I second-guess everything I’ve ever thought about it.

Maybe it is a little special that we have clean water falling from the sky, naturally recycled and replenished.

Griffin shoves away the jacket over his head and snaps his fingers, squinting his eyes, as if concentrating. The rain pours down around us much heavier than before. Devon lets out a little gasp, but his smile is one of pure delight. Everyone else seems to fall into a panic, rushing around to escape the rain or scrambling to rescue their hair, their clothes. Umbrellas snap open with a pop, pop, pop, pop like popcorn, and the line outside Wolf Head thins out.

But amid all the scrambling and hastening, Devon’s simply entranced by the rain, holding his hand out and watching droplets of water splash against his skin, blinking rapidly when rain falls into his eyes, laughing as he passes his fingers through his wet hair. His leather jacket looks like it can’t stand to shrink any smaller than it already has, but it’s soaked through and Devon hasn’t even noticed.

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About the Author:

Kendra L. Saunders is a time-and-space traveling fashionista author who writes books about magical, dark-haired men, interviews famous people, and suggests way too many bands to you via whatever social media platform she can get her hands on. She writes with good humor because humor is the best weapon for a girl who can't learn karate (or ballroom dancing). She is the author of upcoming sci-fi rom-com DATING AN ALIEN POP STAR, upcoming fantastical comedy THE UNLOVE SPELL, the magic realism novel INANIMATE OBJECTS, the dark comedy DEATH AND MR. RIGHT and the poetry collection GEMINIS AND PAST LIVES.

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