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Monday, January 18, 2016

Now Introducing: C.M. Wright's Author Services

Introducing a new company tailored for all authors' needs! 
Everything from editing, cover designs, to yes, even personal assistants!

About C. M. Wright's Author Services -

All independent contractors and staff go through extensive training, testing, and more training under the supervision of C. M. Wright herself and the team leaders from each department. Authors are listened to, no matter what the issue might be, and services are adjusted to what fits best with the authors who need them. 
This company is founded on the belief that not all services need to cost more than a mortgage payment, and mediocre work isn't allowed.
The company is new, but the reputation of C. M. Wright is not. Nothing means more to her than her reputation, so you can expect superior service from this company.
We specialize in all genres, all writers and as many services as possible for a one-stop shopping experience. Authors are encouraged to communicate with the company and express their needs.

Check out what we have to offer below!