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Monday, September 14, 2015

BLOG TOUR: with Playlist, The House on Sunset by Lindsay Fischer

The House on Sunset
By-  Lindsay Fischer
Genre- Memoir/Women’s Fiction

Lindsay Fischer was once a high school English teacher with dreams stretching far outside the classroom. When her boyfriend of a year-and-a-half cheated on her, Lindsay found herself alone, looking online for a replacement. His name was Mike.

That’s where the nightmare started.

The House on Sunset is a memoir, a collection of reminiscences, scattering the ashes of two broken homes and putting them to rest. Each chapter offers a different glimpse inside the cycle of intimate partner violence, where honeymoon phases and traumas coexist.  

Everyone could fall victim to abusers. This book bravely displays the reasons a quirky, twenty-something teacher would, and did.


Please share the playlist you listened to while writing The House on Sunset with us.

“Gravity” by Sara Bareilles -

I first heard this song on So You Think You Can Dance coupled with stunning choreography about addiction. In many ways, I often saw myself struggle to leave or defend myself or find the right words to describe the gaping hole he’d created in me. Though some will only see the absolute tragedy inside of the lyrics, this song explained the internal struggle, and I finally felt as if - maybe - I wasn’t alone.

I spent many nights listening to this on repeat, whether or not I was sitting in front of the keyboard.

“Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer -

Life engulfed in flames while a couple ignores the damage, asking time to stop before they’re consumed. This song was more apropos before I finally realized I was not contributing to his dysfunction, and so - while writing scenes about the mental/emotional abuse before the physical started (or became more and more frequent) - I listened to this to pull back those feelings of helplessness, desire and defeat.

“A Beautiful Mess” by Jason Mraz -

One of the most offensive pieces of recovery is people’s expectations of you. There are so many lyrics in this song that remind me of what the internal and external appeared to be, along with how they actually felt. Sure, on the outside I’d rebuilt, but the further outside of the relationship I got, the louder the sirens screamed.

“Gun Powder and Lead” by Miranda Lambert -

Though over-the-top and somewhat violent, the metaphor associated with the song itself (and not the actual lyrics) were empowering as I struggled to get the words out of my head. For me, it’s about overcoming the abuse and showing my own strength, diminishing the myth that survivors are weak.

“Rain” by Patty Griffin -

There was a time period in my life when I was obsessed with anything written/sung by Patty Griffin. Another song about surviving the hard times, it stuck with me through the healing (and writing) process.

“Here in My Room” by Incubus -

Sexy, sensual and easy to get me into the “mood” when I had to write sex scenes about someone I didn’t want to remember as remotely attractive. It’s bizarre to write love scenes about an abuser, but - in order for others to understand - every aspect of the relationship must be shared.

About  the Author-
Lindsay Fischer graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in secondary education, English. An avid reader and learner, Lindsay took her passion for words into a classroom before starting a writing career. Life pulled her from the classroom, providing an opportunity to use her voice against domestic violence, blogging under the pseudonym, Sarafina Bianco, since 2009. You can find her words at and speak directly to her when she hosts #domesticviolencechat on Twitter. Lindsay hopes to be an advocate for women, men and children who still live inside the nightmare of their abuse. She currently lives with her husband and three dogs, including Watson, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Twitter: @LinsFischer
Instagram: @lindsaycapo