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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FALL IN LOVE by Briana Gaitan

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Hollywood Timelines Series
Author: Briana Gaitan
Genre: New Adult Romance

The Last Thing

Plagued by past mistakes in both love and life, Quinn Bardot is in a bad place. With nowhere else to turn, she escapes to LA clinging to the promise of a fresh start. 

Chase Crowley is known for being selfish and unbelievably persistent. All he's ever wanted is to become a successful actor. But now that he is about to have it all, he finds that something is still missing. Money and fame isn't what he expected.

After a fervent encounter, the two of them are thrown into a situation that neither is prepared for. Can Quinn extinguish her fears and let Chase in? Can Chase learn to put someone else's needs before his own?

The Last Thing is a novel all about love, Hollywood, and accepting what life throws at you even if it is the last thing you want. 

(This is a New Adult Romance novel & contains language & adult situations. Not recommended for readers younger than 17)

***The Last Thing is a stand alone book with NO cliff hanger ending. It is book one in the series.***
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The One Thing 
When everything falls apart, he's the one thing that holds me together.

Ginger Teague may seem like your typical Hollywood actress with the famous boyfriend, designer clothes, money, and hit TV show, but constantly being in the public eye has its downside.
People seem more interested in her chaotic relationship with her on again/ off again boyfriend than her acting career,and Ginger isn't dealing with her new found fame in a way she always envisioned. She masks her unhappiness with too many parties and an unhealthy habit of binge drinking. As much as she wants love, men find her as a pretty amusement, not the type of girl you take home to mom and dad.
When she meets Caspian Norwood, they quickly begin a regimen of flirty emails.
He's a struggling musician that doesn't quite fit her idea of the perfect boyfriend.
He's older, mysterious, cultured, knows exactly what to say and do in all the right situations, and Ginger can't help falling for him. But the world is against them, pushing them apart, and it's beginning to feel as if they are only meant to be friends.

About the Author
Briana Gaitan grew up in the South, but calls herself a geek at heart. She is a blogger,author,and fangirl who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, and Jewelry (bet you never thought you'd hear those three things in a sentence together) For fun, she loves watching any show on the SyFy channel, relaxing with her family, reading, and listening to indie music (sometimes all at the same time). Briana loves to write stories where there are no limits to the imagination. She is the co-author of the fantasy Ethereal Underground series and author of the Hollywood Timelines Series. 

Fall In Love With Caspian

Facts about Caspian
  • Caspian is the lead singer in an indie rock band called Aly, named after an ex.
  • He can play every instrument except the drums.
  • He’s been on tour in just about every country, picking up slight phrases and mannerisms from the places he visits.
  • He comes from a large tight-knit family with three older brothers.
  • He and his brothers are all named after characters in C.S Lewis books.
  • Caspian wrote a song for Ginger. Download it for FREE here :
Author Confessions.
  • Caspian is based upon a real person, but I won’t tell who.
  • I suppose Caspian is my favorite book boyfriend ever written. I wanted to expand the book and discover more about their relationship, but it wouldn’t follow the story ARC, which is why I decided to make another story.

Caspian Excerpt
Introduction: Throughout the book, we get a few sneak peeks into the world that is Caspian. Most of the book is in Ginger’s POV, but since Caspian is so private, I wanted the reader to try and “figure him out” just like Ginger has to. This is a scene between Caspian and his brother, Edmund.
Ed pulls out a small black box from his pocket and sets it on the wooden table.
“Why Ed, you shouldn’t have,” I joke, picking up the box and flipping it open. Just as I thought, a large diamond ring sits upon a bed of velvet. “Tell me who she is.”
“I met her a few weeks ago. Her name is Delilah; she’s twenty-three, smart, and gorgeous. We live next door to each other. Get this; I bought this the night of our first date. She’s the one, Cas. I’m gonna ask her to marry me when we get back from the island.”
“Do Mom and Dad know?”
“Not yet. I’ll break the news after I ask her. I want her to meet my family. I want you to meet her.”
“Congrats, but don’t you think this is moving a little fast?”
Ed grabs the box from my hand and signals toward his heart. “You’re always the cautious one, Cas. It feels right, and I don’t need to waste five years of my life to make sure.”
It feels like a knife has just cut into me. He doesn’t know everything about my break up with Aly. There were reasons I never married her. It’s just not anything I ever wanted. What kind of life would we have anyway? I could never settle down in one place or have a normal job to support a family.
“Did Mom put you up to this?”
“No, I never liked Aly in the first place. A little too dramatic if you ask me, but I did hear a little rumor from a friend at work. A rumor about you and a certain actress.”
I keep a poker face. “Ginger.”
“Yup, what’s the deal with her?”
Ed and I are close, and I want to talk about my feelings with someone who won’t guilt me or take sides. “I really liked her. I like her, but…”
“But what?” he presses.
“Booker and Aly both hate her. We have different lifestyles, plus she drinks a lot.”
Ed laughs and leans back in his chair. “Is that all?”
“What do you mean?”
“Those are pathetic excuses. Aly is gonna hate any new girl, and Booker…well we all know he thinks of himself first.”
I try to think of a defense. “Well it isn’t so pathetic when you’re trying to spare the broken heart of a girl who loves you.” Even though Aly had cornered me and told me it was all right to date again, I know her, and she wasn’t sincere. She had ulterior motives, I just don’t know what.
“Aly, huh? I can’t tell you what to do little brother, but I definitely believe you should follow your heart and tell the other people to go fuck themselves.”
“Really? Just say…” I cock my head at him in amazement.
“Just look them in the eyes, like this. Repeat after me.” He puts his hand on my shoulder. “Go. Fuck. Yourself.”
“Go. Fuck. Yourself.” I could never say that to my friends. They’re my friends. I’ve been with them my entire life.
Life wasn’t that simple. “Yeah because that works so well in the real world. I’m gonna go catch up on some sleep. Thanks, Ed.” I stand and pat him on the shoulder. Yep, family is exactly what I need right now. They aren’t afraid to tell me how it is.