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Sunday, September 7, 2014

*Bogwarts Paragraph 2

Paragraph 2:

You choose to go to the right. After all, it’s never failed you before in your previous tasks has it?
Feeling rather confident about getting to the middle of where the cup lies, you don’t even bother to light your wand. How bad could the maze be? Bogwarts can only hid so many things in between some hedges.
You then hear footsteps behind you. Stopping to listen, it stops as well. Brushing it off as your imagination, you continue forth. So do the steps. Walking faster and looking behind you at the same time, you see the hedges stretching out to reach out.
Watch out! It’s the Devil’s Snare! Quick! Tell us what you do! Then move to paragraph 5 in the email for your next move.