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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sworn to Secrecy Tour

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Book Info-
Title- Sworn to Secrecy 

Series- The Courtlight Series #4 

By- Terah Edun 

Expected Publication Date-February 28, 2014 


In the heart of the Imperial Courts, Ciardis Weathervane knows that death is coming for the 

empire. With her friends by her side and the new triad of Weathervanes, she's in a race against 

time to convince the courts of the same. 

She must do her best to unite kith, mages, nobles and merchants under one cause - the fight 

to prevent a war. Soon she is forced to keep a secret that could exonerate her mother of the 

Empress's death, and is always one move away from stepping into diplomatic chaos. 

Throw in a Daemoni Prince who is showing interest in the youngest Weathervane, a jealous 

Prince Heir, and a irritated dragon with her own designs on Ciardis, and you have an Imperial 

Court in turmoil. 

This fourth novel continues the story of Ciardis Weathervane from Sworn To Conflict.


cliffhangers...why must you keep doing this to me??? 

So here we go back into he Courtlight Series with Ciardis and Sebastian and let's not forget Thanar. 
So much happens in this one, I swear I flipped faster through this one the the first ones because I simply just couldn't get enough!!! 

Mother Weathervane is on trial to be executed for the death of a Lady many years ago. It is up to the group to make sure this doesn't happen. 

There's a lot of bad guys out there to make sure they are all silenced. For good. 

*And if you read the first three...someone got married!!!! :) I am happy to see that!* 

I didn't burn dinner this time....which is good considering that I couldn't really put this one down....stir, fling finger, stir, repeat. 

Well done...I canNOT WAIT for the next one. However, I have to wait until this one actually releases before I start bugging for the next :)

happy reading!!!


Prince Heir Sebastian Athanos Algardis held out a cold and distant hand to Ciardis

Weathervane. She accepted it silently. Because she couldn’t be petty. Not now. Appearances

were everything. Unity was everything. Strength in the face of their enemies was everything.

They walked down gilded hallway after gilded hallway. Always in unison. Watchful eyes

ready. Taking notes of the courtiers who took note of them. The courtiers who turned away or

made no attempt at recognition would not support them. The courtiers who were careful to nod

in their direction or catch the eye of the approaching prince were allies. And still more watched

and waited, calculating, assessing, and preparing for what was to come.

She sighed silently when they reached the enormous golden doors that marked the

emperor’s audience chambers. She had been here once before with Sebastian. Then they had just

met and emerged together from the aether realm as well as the renewed land wight’s presence.

Then as now they waited on the emperor’s verdict.

They stood in front of the doors, waiting for them to open, while the noble court tittered

behind them as they gossiped about whatever it was that was the latest rage among their group.

A liveried footman wearing the Algardis crest soon approached them. He bowed deeply from the

waist to the prince heir. As he rose, he stated, “His Imperial Majesty Emperor Bastien Athanos

Algardis requests a private audience with Ciardis Weathervane, companion trainee and scion of

the Weathervane family.”

Disturbed, Ciardis looked with wide eyes at Sebastian, who glanced back at her, perturbed

as well. The emperor’s request had been specific and final. If he hadn’t ordered anyone else to

attend him, then no one else would enter the chamber.

Sebastian grimaced. She knew he couldn’t gainsay his father in front of the entire court.

Instead he let his mental barriers down. Be careful, Ciardis. My father isn’t to be trifled with.

Tell him what you found out but make sure you maintain the upper hand. This may be our only

time to gain leverage.

I know, she replied back. I will do my best. Sebastian—

Her voice halted.

Yes? he said. He couldn’t hide the anxiety and wariness in his mental voice.

Nothing, she said. It doesn’t matter.

She straightened her shoulders and he stepped back, his shields snapping closed. A cold

mask descended over his face so fast that she almost flinched. She took a step forward to the

opening audience chamber doors.

As she entered through their golden vista, she whispered in her thoughts, Just like old



About the Author-
Terah Edun is a young adult fantasy writer born and raised in the Atlanta metropolitan area, 

who transplanted to the Northeast region for college, and has spent years living abroad in South 

Sudan and Morocco. She writes the stories that she always loved to read as a young girl.