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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bare Hearts By Devon Youngblood


Life can change in an instant.

When twenty-two year old Lily receives a devastating phone call, her life is sent into a whirlwind. Still holding on to hope, she meets Parker in the most unlikely place, where the two experience a special connection.

Home from the Army after a four year stint Parker faces a tough decision whether or not to reenlist. While his life is spiraling downward from his own devastation, his only coping mechanism is living life on the edge.

It’s not until later on when the two meet again in an unusual place that they realize their connection is too strong to resist. Brought together by tragedy, they hang on to each other as they start to slowly face their futures.

Their toughest obstacle is yet to come when Parker realizes that he has been harboring a secret that could shatter Lily's world. Can they cope with their losses together or will the secret be too much to bare?

Or can love really conquer all?

Kim's Review

Lily gets devastating news that her mother has been in a horrific accident. While she is in the emergency room, she meets Parker, and while it is only brief, it starts a chain of events, while most unfortunate, that bring them together. 

Lily and Parker seem perfect together from the start. But things from their pasts have a way of muddying the waters and making what should be an easy relationship more difficult, especially when Lily's father, Tony, comes in to the picture, making demands and being in the mob, he is definitely a dangerous character. 

Through all of their trials and tribulations, they manage to connect, forgive, and move forward with their lives. 

I really enjoyed reading this book. The pace and timing of the story was well thought out. I didn't find myself getting bored, but was intrigued with the story line. I look forward to reading the first book in the series and reading Ms. Youngblood's other works.