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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanking the Authors Blog Hop and Giveaway!!

We are featuring some of the top leading ladies in Indie Author Realm!!!  LP Dover, Quinn Loftis, HK Savage, Cambria Hebert, Airicka Phoenix

Kim and I thought that we would give you fans a little random fun facts about these lovely ladies :)

LP Dover: 

BBF:  What station is your car radio set to right now?
LP:    The station is 96.1 The Beat
BBF:   What is the ringtone on your phone?
LP:    I'm boring so my phone is on the default
BBF:   Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, which one do you like better?
LP:    I don't know if I can chose between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Those are two of my                      favorites!!!!
BBF:   What were your kids for Halloween?
LP:     My oldest daughter was a hip hop queen and my youngest was Minnie Mouse.
BBF:   What candy do you steal from their bucket without fail every year?
LP:    Kit Kats!!!!

Cambria Hebert

BBF: Chicken Nuggets or Burgers?
CH:   Well... hmmm, I honestly never order either if we are say out in a restaurant. But sometimes I make                burgers at home on the grill so I will go with Burger. 
BBF:  What is your favorite kind of cheese? 
CH:     Provolone. 
BBF:  Do you have a stalker? Do you want one? 
CH:    I don't currently have one (I hope). And no I don't really want one, LOL. I actually had one in high                 school and it wasn't fun. 
BBF: How many wpm do you type? 
CH:   I have no idea. I've never counted or taken a test to see. lol. 
BBF:  What is your internet browser of choice? 
CH:   I use Google Chrome right now and I love it!

Quinn Loftis 

BBF: What is your internet browser of choice?
QL: Google, what can I say I'm a creature of habit.
BBF:  How awkward is it when your parents/in laws read your books and there's some...racy scenes                     involved?
QL: Thankfully, as you all know I don't get too racy and I'm about as perverted as my characters so they're           use to me.
BBF:  Who is an another indie author that you MUST meet? (I'm sure there's tons lol)
QL:   Tiffany King (LOVE her and her Books)
BBF:   Pizza toppings?
QL:  Black olives, sasuage
BBF: Who is your super PA?
QL: Okay so I'm old and only figured out what and HEA was, so I have no clue what a PA is unless             its a super Phat Author, or super Peculiar Aunt, or maybe you mean super Perfect Author...oh             wait is it Paranormal Author? LOL I know my mind is a scary place. If its the latter then I'd have         to say Patricia Briggs.

Airicka Phoenix 

BBF: Who does the cooking in your house?
AP: That depends. Do the kids expect to be fed? Lol. Hubby can cook, but it extends mainly to anything that can be grilled. I do the normal day to day meals. 
BBF: The best thing a fan ever sent to you or said to you?
AP: I got an email from a fan who told me my books were an outline for her in a very dark time in her life. She’s sixteen and was getting bullied in school. The female characters in my novels helped inspire her to be stronger. I literally cried when I read her message. It was beautiful and moving and I’ve never been so touched.
BBF: Watch this video and tell us your thoughts...
AP: I’ll be honest, I love the song. Not so much the video. As for this video, I’ll admit I laughed, especially when Ron Jeremy walked on set. I don’t know how they convinced him to be part of the video, but I thought it was great.
BBF: How much is regular gas in your area right now?
AP: 131.4. I know this because hubby filled up this morning and he was furious about it. lol
BBF: Do you have any conventions that you will be attending within the next year?
AP: I’m excited to say that I will be attending Utopya in the summer. I can’t wait to see everyone out there.

HK Savage 

BBF: Ever had anything be confiscated in an airport?
HK: A letter opener, bottle of water, lighter, and nail clippers
BBF:  Best dinner you have ever had or made?
HK: Best dinner? My former step dad used to make me seven course meals and mom would pair a wine with each course every year for my birthday. Best was the red snapper with leeks. Yum.
BBF: How many people are going to your house on Thanksgiving?
HK: No one this year. This is my first year not hosting so I think I'm going to Mom's and we're doing an old hen's turkey day.
BBF: Turkey or Ham?
HK: Turkey, never ham!
BBF:  Is your Christmas tree already up? How much shopping have you done already?
HK: I don't put my tree up until the week before and my shopping is usually not started until about two weeks out. Somehow it comes the same day but never fails to surprise me.

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