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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Riverbend: The Collection

It's October 8th and Riverbend: The Collection has finally made it's appearance on Amazon!
Author Andrea Goodson has been long awaiting the chance to share this compilation of all three books in The Riverbend Trilogy with her readers!
Re-edited and revised, this New Adult-Romantic Suspense collection of three novels: Riverbend, Rapid Water, and Waking Tide, explores life's deepest wound, grief. Along with romance, mystery, and an artful blend of historical fact and fiction in a contemporary setting, the author weaves a tale of intrigue and love that will be sure to keep you turning the pages!


I will be the first to admit that I had a bit of trouble getting into it. Only because I had a lot on my mind and with everything that's going on with me just stopped me from wanting to do anything. 
However, once I realized that HEY your deadline is coming, get to it and READ WOMAN!!! I read on.  

Boy and I really enjoyed it.  It definitely picks up towards the middle of the first book where I had to read faster and faster to figure out who the culprit was.  Andrea did trip me up a bit and made me rethink my original person as to was behind all of this mystery and all.

In admist to all of the drama, there's also a love in the makings...If Lena would stop with all of her craziness and just let the man love her.  OMG I wanted to jump through my kindle and shake the woman!!! 

Lena has been through a lot though, with the death of her father and a mysterious treasure hunt that she feels that her and Will need to finish for her father. 
Too bad there's someone else out there also trying to get the same treasure. Letting them do all the dirty work, while he does what he can to make sure everyone else is out of the way to make it that treasure his. 

Nooooo, sorry, I can't tell you his name. That would just be a spoiler.  You will have to read it to find out, if Will and Lena find the treasure, or if they die in the process. AND if Lena gets that love stick out of her bum and see if she can let Will do what he's been wanting to for a long time.  

Praise received in Amazon reviews for Andrea's books-

"...As an avid reader, I find some authors much more alluring
than others...This author is inspiring and has a
skill for narrative, these books could be converted to screen plays with great

"Andrea Goodson knows how to keep her readers in suspense!"
"Once again, author Andrea Goodson delivers a story that keeps her reader turning the pages!"

Riverbend: The Collection is available now on Kindle and can be purchased for a low, limited time price of $4.99!

All three novels in The Riverbend Trilogy in one digital boxed set. Riverbend: The Collection includes Riverbend, Rapid Water, and Waking Tide.
Nestled deep in Northwest Pennsylvania, in the thick forest of the Allegheny Mountains, is a quiet community named Kennerdell. Rich in both Native American and European settlement history with few inhabitants and a charming culture, growing up there was simple for Lena Woodruff.
But when grief stepped in and darkened her life-everything changed. After years of escape, Lena is forced to return home.
A web of mystery and danger that dates back to America’s earliest days quickly weaves around her and when a longtime friend, one who knows the tragedy that plagues Lena's heart, comes back into her life - things get complicated.
Grief darkens her thoughts while insecurity and self-doubt cause the lines between reality and imagination to blur. Just when she thinks she can't take anymore, a small glimmer of hope arises.
A sudden and unexpected need for love begins a conflict between self-doubt and the promise of something better.
Where strength can be weakness and vulnerability-an asset, the greatest danger that threatens Lena in Kennerdell may just be herself.
Will she be able to unfold the truth around this mystery or will it be easier to run away?
Love, danger, and history collide in Riverbend: The Collection

You can learn more about Andrea and her books by visiting her website, Facebook, and Twitter!

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