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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rise of Xosha Scavenger Hunt

Jade yawned softly. She was the smallest there and was just coming into her own. Out of the entire horde, she was Rose’s only true friend. Well, aside from Oceanus, but Jade knew that deep down Oceanus would have had Rose for his mate if he had been permitted. It did dawn on her that now that their father was dead, as was Obsidian, that perhaps Oceanus would take Rose for his new mate. She knew dragons generally mated for life, but she also knew that Rose had always been Oceanus’ mate even if he had been forced to mate Obsidian. So it was still possible. Wasn’t it?

As Oceanus and Pyre lifted off with the others, Jade caught the look on Pyre’s face as he peered down at Rose. She felt a hot flush of anger wave over her. Shaking her head, she made her way over to Rose.

“I haven’t seen anything here to eat since we got here. Do you really think this is Xosha, Rose?” She asked innocently enough.

Rose nodded. “Yes. This is our home now, Jade.”

Jade being, well, Jade, jumped right into the topic that gnawed on her. “You know mating will be different now. There’s nothing preventing my brother from taking you for his mate”

Rose thought about the statement for a moment. “Pyre? He’s always made fun of me same as the others. I doubt he’ll ever see me as anything more than an abnormality that shouldn’t exist.”

A soft growl escaped Jade. She spoke each of her words slowly and carefully. “Not. Pyre. I. Meant. Oceanus!”