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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blog Tour and $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway: Virtue By Allison Bassen

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Blog Tour for Virtue by Allison Bassen

Candice and Susan thought they had it all, but they were dead wrong. Their lives were in jeopardy the day they learned the daunting truth about one formidable man.

Candice, incognito, now occupies the penthouse suite as the in-house call girl at Manhattan's swankiest hotel. She rises to the top of her profession paying more attention to the psychological longings of her clients. After all, sex is so much more than just sex. Even though she has powerful men under her influence, Candice still glances over her shoulder.

Susan, once a wealthy Atlanta socialite, played by the rules only to be confronted with an unimaginable ultimatum. She snaps out of her charm school coma realizing the last twenty-three years played like a sinister joke at her expense. Now she has one goal. Stay alive.

One will survive.

VIRTUE takes you on a ride of sultry suspense. Buckle up.

Kim's Review

I really loved this book! It kept me on my toes! It was different from what I normally read, but I am really happy that I had the opportunity to sign up and read it! 

This book focuses on two women and eventually, their lives become intertwined in a way that I didn't see coming. 

This story is set in times where women were expected to stay home and be housewives and having a career of their own was happening to very few women. They were expected to marry, have a family, be at their husband's beck and call. 

This is where Susan comes in. She comes from a wealthy family. She goes to a prestigious school and meets a man. Right out of college they marry. While she thinks that Jeff is the ideal man. Fun loving, caring, and everything that she could ever need. She soon finds out that their marriage is not what she thought it would become and Jeff is not what a husband should be. 

Candice had me a bit perplexed for awhile, but then, I fell in love with her. She is an in house call girl for a top notch hotel and provides whatever her clients need. But Candice is in this business for a reason: safety and money. She is alone in New York and needs to be able to provide for herself, and she got the opportunity to become a call girl and took it. Sometimes, you have to do, what you have to do. 

Eventually, Candice and Susan come together, but only one of them is going to be able to continue to live through everything that goes on in their lives. 

Who will it be? Read this awesome story to find out! 





New York City

No, I’m not a virgin, and no, I’m not a prude, but I have slept with only 

three men. The first was my husband. The second was the private investigator I 

hired to see if my husband was cheating. The third was my first one-night stand 

to see how it felt to have sex with a stranger. Anyway, that paltry number will 

most likely soar to three men a day as if it were a tooth brushing or vitamin 


So here I sit, despite my weak résumé, doing research for my interviews 

reading Penthouse Forum articles, if you can call them “articles,” along with 

a slew of other magazines wrapped in cellophane. My mouth is slack-jawed 

with astonishment; I feel like I just fell off the sexual hay truck. What the hell is 


My first interview is tonight with André. He’s the concierge at The Regal, a 

renowned five-star hotel in Manhattan. André will be in charge of all of my 

appointments if I get the job as the “in-house” call girl. If all goes well, I get 

passed on to Robert, the owner of The Regal, the following evening. And if he 

approves, I proceed to the final interview with a regular client named Conner 

whose turn-on is humiliation. He masochist, me sadist. 

The girl I’ll be replacing has been a patient teacher and friend encouraging 

me with a “You can do this” mantra and having me respond with “I think I can, I 

think I can” optimism. She even took me shopping for the get-ups I would need 

for each interview. For André, she picked lingerie a bride would wear on her 

wedding night. Sexy, yet classic. For Robert, she chose a French maid outfit 

complete with black fishnet stockings and patent leather stilettos. I was fine with 

both ensembles.

Now comes the juicy part. My outfit for the masochist. Head to toe 

leather. Even the leash is leather. My thigh-high black boots have four-inch heels 

and I’ll be lucky if I can pass the hour without falling on my face made up with 

smoky eyes and burgundy lips. The only time I dressed up was on Halloween or 

when I would sneak my brother’s little league uniform out of the Salvation Army 

bag and pretend I was a baseball player, which I would’ve preferred to the tutu I 

wore as a ballerina enduring the first, second and third positions of torture.

My mentor offered advice for each interview: “André is a gentleman. 

He’s going to study you the way an art collector would appraise a painting. 

(Translation: Would men be willing to spend five Benjamins for an hour of your 

time?) If he likes the painting, he’ll pass it on to Robert. Now Robert is a man’s 

man. On the outside he seems like John Wayne, rough and tough around the 

edges, but he’s really no different than the average Joe wanting worship and 

adoration. Just behave in awe at all of his Dale Carnegie accomplishments and 

you’ll have him wrapped around your finger in a New York minute, which is 

exactly how long it will take him to climax. Both André and Robert are vanilla ice 

cream sex. Conner’s a different story. Treat him like a dog who just chewed up 

your designer stilettos.”

I felt confident about André and Robert, but Conner had me anxious, no, 

terrified. What in God’s name was I thinking? It’s not like I announced at the 

family dinner table, “When I grow up, I want to be a prostitute.” I remember 

wanting to be a princess, perhaps a teacher, and most of all, just like Mommy. I 

took the high road. It just didn’t work out.

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Author Bio

My first word was "cookie." That tells you just about everything you need to know about me.

I was born in Columbia, South Carolina weighing a meager three pounds, which was tenuous back in those days. As usual, I was early for my own birthday by three months. My theory is everyone's punctuality is innate. I'm early for almost everything.

My folks moved to Atlanta when I was nine months old and I stayed there until I was twenty-four. My itch was Manhattan. I can still remember signaling my first taxi and when that checker cab pulled over for me, I became Audrey Hepburn. Even though I understand the whys, I miss those over sized cabs and their character. There's nothing glamorous in putting your hand out for a yellow Prius.

I fell for a "Yankee" and never made it back to Atlanta. We tied the knot and made three beautiful children. Funny, my youngest son read the first few pages of VIRTUE, and his only comment was, "This is fiction, right?"

My friends and family have been telling me to write for years. The challenge was coming up with the story. VIRTUE was inspired by scandalous newspaper headlines. A Governor got caught with an escort. That had me scratching my head. Why would a powerful man risk his career? And what about the escort? She looked like a pretty girl and came from a nice family. Then I researched the history of prostitution and came to understand why it is referred to as "the oldest profession." Yes, prostitution is in The Bible.

My second novel, MY FATHER'S AFFAIR, which should be published by June of 2013, was inspired by a true story. I took that story and raised the proverbial stakes. I changed the era and the setting. Things were much different in the early sixties. Small towns are like Cheers where everybody knows your name. But I think the most important aspect of writing this novel was the narrator. The reader sees the story through Ellie's eyes, the thirteen year old daughter, which intensifies the emotions.

Writing gets me out of bed every morning. Okay, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are equally motivating. If I'm not writing, I'm reading. There is nothing better than a great read. My biggest hope is that you find pleasure reading my novels.

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