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Friday, August 2, 2013

Winter Night Falling Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Book Title: Winter Night Falling

Series:  Ti-aran Chronicles: Rise of the Guardians Book One

Edition: Second

Author: Bryan R. South

Publisher: Freaky Fiction Writing -

Cover Art: Bryan Rainey

Tour Organizer:Cu’s Ebook Giveaways -

Book Blurb:

The Four Kingdoms are in peril. A demon Lord thought forever imprisoned in limbo has escaped and begins to summon his Horde once again to take his revenge. In his twisted black iron tower he summons a massive wall of darkness that brings the winter storms in the fullest.

Now the Four Kingdoms are each proud and full of themselves. All the races of the realms must come together and fight the demon lord once again. Magic has been outlawed, and it is up to the reawakened Grand Mage, an eccentric old man, and what is left of the Mage Knights, as well as a budding Guardian to try to keep the peace.
Can the Grand Mage and his friends get the other kingdoms to move in time to stop the Demon Lord? Does the Demon Lord have more than one objective now that he is free? Only time will tell.

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About the Author:

Bryan R South was born and Raised in the Pacific Northwest. He Graduated Kamiakin Highschool in 1993 . Bryan has had several poems published and has been working on the Rise of the Guardians Series since he was 16, and did his senior year paper on being a fantasy novelist. He has worked as a Linecook, in construction, and other odd jobs. He resides with his wife and fell author, S. Cu’Anam Policar, and their children in the Pacific Northwest still.

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