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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

12 Days of Kiltmas Blog Hog, Review of Shaggy Maggie, and Giveaway!

Book Info-
Title-Shaggy Maggie
By-Tyffani Clark Kemp
Publication Date- July 25th, 2013


Harvey Young, rock star lead of the Scottish band Shaggy Maggie, has dreamed his whole life about the red-haired girl from the school bus that he bullied until she ran away. He's resigned himself to groupie fill-ins. There's no way he'll ever see her again. Why torture himself pining for his lost youth?

Magda Canady may be on the unlucky side, but her life is starting to work itself out. She's an editor for a New York Publishing company and her long-time lawyer boyfriend is taking her home to Scotland to meet the parents and his younger brother. But the trip holds more danger than she could have imagined. Between a psycho stalker and the boy who tortured her through high school, she might lose her mind - and her life - before it's all said and done.

When a chance encounter brings them together once more, it's the past, the present, and a little psychosis that may get in the way of the future that was always meant to be.


Kim's Review of Shaggy Maggie

This book was such an enjoyable read for me! I found myself finishing it pretty quickly because I just had to find out what happened! First and foremost, I must say that I loved reading some of the dialogue in Scottish, I have seen some books that have simply left it out, and this really made the book come alive!

Madge, oh Madge. I could never imagine being in her shoes. In love with this gorgeous guy who wants to marry her and she goes home to meet the family, and damn if her boyfriends(his name is Beckman) twin brother is the guy who tortures her when she was in high school! Poor Madge also suffers from the worst case of clumsiness that I have ever seen, but her character, while flawed (poor girl falls overherself a lot) has some great characteristics that makes her lovable and you find yourself rooting for her.

However, mean or not, I fell in love with Harvey, he's a rocker, he's a bad boy, he knows it, and he uses it to his advantage, but there is something about him that shows that maybe there is a little more to Harvey than just drinking, sex, and rocking out.

Just when you think that there is nothing more that could be added to this, Madge has a stalker, and the person is nuts to say the lease and is certainly out for revenge on poor Madge. The suspense definitely kicks in because I couldn't figure out why in the world someone would stalk this sweet girl! But who comes to her rescue? Beckman the man she wants to marry or Harvey, the man she wants to forget?

Do yourself a HUGE favor, and read this book. I enjoyed it immensely and was so glad to have the opportunity to read it! 5 stars for sure!

About the Author- 

Tyffani Clark Kemp has been writing since she discovered in the sixth grade that it wasn't enough just to read about fantastic places, but she could create her own. She weaves small bits of herself into everything she writes whether it be a science fiction piece about aliens or a dramatic romance fraught with conflict and love. In September 2012 Tyffani and a friend started SideStreet Publishing LLC. She lives in South Carolina with her family and her fluffy shii tzu-mix dog who things he's a Saint Bernard.


12 Days of Kiltmas! Facebook Event-

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Evanescent Cover Reveal and Giveaway!

Title: Evanescent  A Broken Novel Book two
Author: Carlyle Labuschagne
Genre: Dystopian. Science- Fiction. YA
Release Date: November 2013
Publishers: Sensational Publications
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours


Her fall has just begun. Only his touch can save her from the shift that could destroy it all.

Within my blood runs a thing our kind calls the Shadowing Disease. It shadows over, and bends everything to its will. When the first blood- shift came, it tore through flesh and blood, threatening to bend me, break bone, shatter my mind and entrap my heart with its honeyed, seductive poison. It came with vicious intent, moving my thoughts and altering me forever. The shift has caused a rift within me. No one was safe when it entrapped me in its claws of foul lust. But I have the only antidote against the evil that becomes me – his touch alone has the power to release the spurs of sweet darkness that clung on for dear life. I knew what I had to do; the desperation pulled my mind with the deep determination of a hungry predator. But by the time the revelation raised me from the dark dungeon of my bounds – it might have been too late.


Carlyle Labuschagne is a South African debut author working her way into the hearts of international readers with her first young adult dystopian novel "The Broken Destiny". She is not only an author, but works as a sales rep and marketing manager by day. She holds a diploma in creative writing through the writing school at College SA.

Carlyle, loves to swim, fights for the trees, and is a food lover who is driven by her passion for life. Carlyle also writes for IU e-magazine India, an inspirational non-profit magazine that aims at inspiring the world through words. The drive behind her author career is healing through words. Carlyle is also the founder of the first annual book drive – Help Build A Library inAfrica Project.

“My goal as an author is to touch people’s lives, and help others love their differences and one another.”

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Benjamin McTish and the Door through the Grandfather Tree Book Blast

Book Info-

Title- Benjamin McTish and the Door Through the Grandfather Tree

Series- Book  #1
By- June M. Pace
Genre-  YA/Fantasy

It’s Harry Potter meets the Celestine Prophecy in this magical and thrilling ride! The McTish Series is an explosive adventure through a dimensional Gateway into another world, a world of beauty and magic, Coranim...a land of insight, thought and possibilities, that sits beneath the enchanted Gilley Forest.

There is local legend in the small town of Grandlochcheshire that has been passed down for a 100 years about the mysterious disappearance of the Chickering family, that trails on the coat tails of the equally shocking  abduction of the Skeffington Union Rails heirs, Connor and Shelbe. The circumstances that follow this notorious tale enter into the modern world of Benjamin and his two best mates.  

One day Benjamin watches from behind the Rhododendron as a mysterious little woman steps out of a taxi in front of the cream colored house with the forest green trim next door and in one synchronistic moment their eyes lock and a series of visual snippets of unfamiliar events unfold in his mind’s vision. His razor sharp sixth sense allows him the freedom to explore the extrasensory messages coming at him in a frenzied speed, like a derailed freight train.
And when Benjamin finds a peculiar old relic of a key in his grandmother’s garden shed, he could never know his world was about to change forever.

Annabel and Mathilda, two sisters who have moved to Grandlochcheshire from America, have become more than mere friends to Benjamin, they have all become the three Muskydeers (Mathilda’s mispronounced version of Musketeers, which was a huge laugh and of course it stuck), as they are plunged head first into this curious journey.  

In the Gilley Forest they discover that the path they have chosen is inundated with many obstacles as well as intrigue.  Alliances are made with the Forest clan of Gnomes known as the Set, and with the aid of the Vila sisters, Sethina and Morel, as well as some surprising and unexpected allegiances, the three friends take on the test that is the Grandfather Tree.  They must stay on the pre ordained Path of prophecy, portended by the ancient seer Pajah Set, whose ancestry comes from the home of the oldest living beings on the planet, the Elves of the Darmon    However, this is no easy task for the Muskydeers as they have the foulest of sorcery hunting their every move, the powerful dark beauty known to all as Tar Vigorn.

This ruthless Queen is not without humor however, and loves a good game of cat and mouse, as long as she’s the cat. With her biting sense of sarcasm and calculated taunting, she knows just how to unnerve the young Benjamin. Her phantom army known as the Blunt are searching for a way into the Grand Tree and will stop at nothing to infiltrate the pristine world beneath his giant roots.

Once in Coranim the children make the acquaintance of the greatest Medicine Elder alive, Esmerelda Fet.  A most powerful Light Sorceress with a brazen in your face attitude and a thick Irish brogue, who guides the trio on their Path of destiny.  “All tings be possible ya wee chil’ren, if’en ya put yer mind to it!  Thar be nothin ya can’t accomplish.  Ya just need ta be placin all yer carage inta tha middle of yer core whar yer Spirit ya can do anythin! Ha!”

Filled with many wonders, and home to the Fet clan of Gnomes, Coranim is a magical world of art, sound, thought, invention and discovery....and home to the World Library of Identity, with none other than Dunston Tibbitts at the helm.  
Every being on the planet has a book dedicated to the entirety of their lives.  Dunston reports to Benjamin, “according to what I see here now, this very minute, whatever it is that you are seeking will show itself today and change your Path immediately.  It will put you into a whole new dynamic as they say.”

What could alter the overpowering trajectory Benjamin has followed to Coranim?  How will it change his life?
Find out as our three heroes delve into the mystic, as well as their own inner character, as you watch from the edge of your seat.

Book Two, Benjamin Mctish and the Wizards of Coranim, coming 2013

Dehumanized Cover Reveal!!!

Title: Dehumanized
Author: Michael Loring
Genre: NA Paranormal / Dystopian
Ryan Zachery lived his life the way all high school teenagers should -
Until he was attacked by an unknown assailer and awoke in the hospital with lycanthropy. Taken by armed guards and dragged away from everything he held dear, Ryan was thrown into a US camp made for those 'suffering' from lycanthropy.

They caged the beast, but now he will show them that he will never be dehumanized.

Michael Loring was born in Bristol, Connecticut, but has lived in a variety of places such as Florida and Tennessee. He likes to think of himself as an amateur Lycanthropologist, studying werewolves ever since he was eight years old when he first saw An American Werewolf In London. He spent most of his life switching between home school and public school, always focusing on his passion of writing no matter what. His interest in writing was sparked in the second grade when his teacher encouraged him to write short stories for the class, earning him more than one award at school assemblies for Creative Writing. He currently resides back in his birthplace of Connecticut with a house full of women who like to drive him up the wall until he finishes his chores. Though they seem to avoid him during the night of the full moon for some unexplainable reason...

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Island Book Blast!

Book Info-
Title-The Island
By- Jen Minkman
Publication Date-June 1, 2013
*Novella* (80 pages)
Genre- YA Dystopian

‘I walk toward the sea. The endless surface of the water extends to the horizon, whichever way I look.

Our world is small. We are on our own, and we only have ourselves to depend on. We rely on the Force deep within us, as taught to us by our forefathers.

If I were to walk westward from here, I would come across a barrier – the Wall.
Behind it, there are Fools. At least, that’s what everyone says.
I have never seen one.’

Leia lives on the Island, a world in which children leave their parents to take care of themselves when they are ten years old. Across this Island runs a wall that no one has ever crossed. The Fools living behind it are not amenable to reason – they believe in illusions. That’s what The Book says, the only thing left to the Eastern Islanders by their ancestors.
But when a strange man washes ashore and Leia meets a Fool face to face, her life will never be the same. Is what she and her friends believe about the Island really true?

Or is everyone in their world, in fact, a Fool?

The Mirror Blog Tour and Giveaway!!!!

Book Title:  The Mirror

Author:  Candace L. Bowser

Release Date:  June 18, 2013

Genre:  Paranormal Romance/Horror

Length:  280 Pages

Publisher:  GMTA Publishing LLC

Presented by:  As You Wish Tours

Tour Schedule


Adrianna Bristol stood before her grandmother's antique mirror and stared at the black velvet

cloth covering it. She just couldn't believe her nana was gone. The mirror had hung in that exact

same spot for the last twenty years, never once had it been moved from the alcove. Adrianna

remembered the stern words of her grandmother when she was a child. Annabel Bristol had

told her, "promise me Adrianna that you will never uncover the mirror. No matter what it may

whisper to you, you must never remove the cover." Adrianna laid her hand against the cool

velvet which covered the glass. As she walked away the mirror whispered to her, "you belong to

me now. You belong to me." A four hundred year old curse has  plagued the Bristol family since

the 1600's. A curse born out of a love so rich and a betrayal so deep, that time itself has no power

to stop it. Only Adrianna has the courage to find the truth behind the curse and set her family

free. But will the Mirror release its darkest secrets?


Gus took me directly to the cathedral that Archbishop Theodorus presided over. I walked

to the central office and knocked on the closed door.

“I need to speak with Archbishop Theodorus please.”

The nun looked over the top of her reading glasses before laying down the papers she was

“I am sorry but you must request an audience with the Archbishop if you wish to see him.

I can check his calendar and see when the next time he is available and schedule you to see him.”

I leaned over the desk, placing my hand in the center of her papers only inches away from

“Tell the Archbishop that Baroness Bristiolli is waiting in his office, and she is not

I sat down in the chair in front of her desk and waited as she picked up the phone. She

spoke to him in Italian, no doubt believing that I would not understand. It was difficult to contain

myself as she told him who was sitting in her office.

“You need to come immediately,” she whispered. She hung up the phone and began to

apologize. I did not answer her or accept her apology, instead I waited in silence for Theodorus

After a short period of time, the door flew open and smashed into the wall. The

Archbishop stood in the doorway startled at the sight of me. He was expecting Annabel, not her

I rose and offered him my hand. He graciously shook it, still in shock at my unannounced

“We have much to discuss Theodorus. Why don’t you give me a tour of the cathedral

I walked into the open area of the cathedral and waited for him to follow.

“I know you were expecting to see Annabel so I must apologize. I must assume you are

not aware my grandmother passed away four days ago. I am the heiress of the Bristiolli estate

now, and I have questions which you will answer.”

“I am very sorry about Annabel. She was a fine woman and devoted Catholic. We shall

include her in the prayers at this evening's mass. I do not understand why you came all this way

to question me. Wouldn’t it have been easier to pick up the phone?”

“Would you really have answered if I called? The nun in your office was not going to

let me see you until I told her who I was. A man of God shouldn’t lie Theodorus; you could put

“Annabel said you did not embrace her faith. Why should I help someone who cares so

“You mistake my disdain for a lack of faith. I have faith Archbishop. I have faith that

you will help me or all the donations made by the Bristiolli family will come to an abrupt halt.

I know the answers I seek are within the walls of this cathedral as well as the monastery in

Benevento, and you will lead me to them.”

“You would blackmail a man of God to obtain what you desire?”

“Let me make this perfectly clear to you Theodorus. I will do anything necessary to free

my mother from that mirror’s grasp!”

The Archbishop froze where he stood unable to speak. I had seen the same fear only a

few days before in the eyes of my Aunt.

What power did the mirror have to hold sway over an Archbishop?

“I cannot speak to you about this. I will give you the address of a man who can be of

assistance. You may have access to all the records kept in the hall beneath the cathedral. This is

all I can do to help you Baroness Bristiolli. If I am caught, I will be excommunicated.”

He motioned to one of the passing priests to come to him.

“Baroness Bristiolli wishes to view the sealed records of her family. Would you please

escort her to the family vault and grant her access to the records room?”

The young priest nodded in agreement. Archbishop Theodorus turned to face me and laid

“I shall come to check on you in a few hours. Anything you may need Father Alto will

The young priest asked me to accompany him. I followed him down a series of corridors

that led to what appeared to be a crypt.

“If you need anything, just pull this rope. It will ring the bell upstairs in the priest’s main

hall. I will come as quickly as I can. I will unlock the door to the records room on my way out. It

As quickly as he could, Father Alto left the room. The vault appeared to create the same

type of nervousness in the priest as it had in Archbishop Theodorus. What was it about my family

I lit the torches hanging in the sconces on either side of the vault. There were several

crypts carved into the wall with names inscribed on the brass plates. I ran my hand across the

plates. Each of them was dated with the time of their death. I read them while leaning in closer to

The first plaque read: Pope Significant the 1

 1674. The second plaque read: Bishop Germanus Died October 31

read the third plaque. I knew the name. He was the Bishop who went to see Josephina and never

It was the last plaque that frightened me the most. It read simply; Bertrand Denallio.

An avid writer, Candace works nearly every day on one of her manuscripts. Though she

predominately composes works of horror, she also writes mystery, suspense, and adventure.

During the 1990’s she was a featured columnist for PRS in Kansas City. In 2011, Candace

was honored by being voted one of the Top 20 Most Prolific Authors by AKG mag.. Her

books are an unusual blend of historical places and events, along with fictional and nonfictional characters, which she seamlessly weaves into the story .Originally from south-central

Pennsylvania, she currently resides in Kansas City with her husband Todd.


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Title: Repossession (The Keepers Trilogy #1)

Author: Rachael Wade

Genre: New Adult, Sci-Fi, Apocalyptic, Romance

Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Skylla only knows that she has been kidnapped and held prisoner by the foreign invaders and their human allies. And that the world is ending. Or so the humans think. The invaders have made it clear that their arrival is one of hostile intent, and as their takeover spreads, so does the panic across the globe. No one knows how to defeat them, or if it’s even sane to try.

Jet, Skylla’s human captor, is up for the challenge, though. A traitor in Skylla’s eyes, he is working with them. But Jet has his own agenda; one that doesn’t include babysitting Skylla or helping the enemies. And as the human race struggles to keep the invaders from achieving their goal, Jet and Skylla’s paths collide to reveal the truth behind Skylla’s abduction.

The invaders are headed for the water. Jet is headed for the water. But that’s the last place Skylla wants to be. That’s where the future of humanity lies, and where the bridge to their yesterdays was burned. On a mission to take back what is rightfully theirs, Earth’s population is determined to make sure this isn’t the end. But some endings were never theirs to begin with.

*Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations, language, and mature subject matter*

Authors Bio:

Rachael Wade is the Amazon bestselling author of The Preservation Series, The Resistance Trilogy, and the upcoming sci-fi series, The Keepers Trilogy. When she's not writing, she's busy learning French, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment. Visit her at and, or come chat with her on Twitter via @RachaelWade.

Author Links:
Facebook Fan Page:

Buy Links:


The quiet drone of a train’s chugging grew louder as it approached but was still eerily muted, a graceful ghost passing in the night. Minimal light shone from the front car as Jet stepped forward to align himself with its path.

“How do we know where it stops?” I asked, positioning myself next to him.

“We don’t.”

“So …”

“So we have to make a run for it.”

“You mean jump?”


“As in … jump onto a moving train.”


“This is crazy.”

“A dangerously disturbing level of crazy. No worries, baby.” He patted my shoulder with a smartass grin. “It’s just your area of expertise.” I narrowed my eyes at him, storing that one away for a future retaliation jab of my own.

Adrenaline spiked as the train grew closer, every nerve ending a live wire to the heart pounding violently in my chest. Jet grabbed my hand, glancing at my gun. “I’ll go first. Once I get a good grip, I’ll haul you up. Whatever you do, don’t stop running. And don’t let go.”

“I should go first,” I raised my voice to speak over the rumbling of the track. “You’re hurt. You’re going to need upper body strength.”

“I’m fine. Don’t fight me on this.”

Blood pounded hot in my ears, my heart rate jumping and hair blowing wildly around my cheeks as the train began to whizz by. The rush in my veins propelled me forward the moment I spotted an opportunity, and I launched into a controlled sprint. Springing upward, I lunged forward and latched on to the side of the car, the metal handle slipping beneath my sweaty grip. I shrieked and latched on harder, hearing Jet’s voice thunder behind me. The train’s vibrations rattled against my chest, sending my senses on high alert.

Clenching the handle until my knuckles hurt, I bit down on my lip to ease the tension and yanked hard to the right, feeling a heavy latch click and shift beneath my fingers. The door slid open and I hauled myself up and inside, grabbing onto the side of the frame to steady myself before flipping around to reach for Jet. He was running full speed after me, his arms pumping tight and sharp at his sides as he tore forward.

“Come on!” I yelled, extending one arm. It only took him a few seconds to catch up, his agile form sending his body off the ground and up onto the car before I could blink. With a loud shout, he clamped onto my arm, his other hand flying over his chest to cradle his gun. I was thrown onto my back with a thud before I knew what hit me, his body covering mine with a crash that left me seeing stars.

“Fucking crazy woman!” he shouted over the rail’s relentless roar, louder now that we were level with it. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” His heat pressed into me, his arms caging me in as he stared down into my eyes, his nose aligned with mine.

“Fulfilling my sole purpose to drive you mad, it seems.” I couldn’t help it. The rush sent me sky-high and an explosive laugh escaped my lungs. I shook beneath him, my breath heaving against his chest.

“Damn it, Skylla!” He dropped his head as he gasped for air. “Seriously!” he added for effect, but there was nothing serious in his voice now. He was laughing too, just as deep, just as euphorically as I was, and I decided right then that the sound of Jet’s laugh was almost as sexy as his full lips and ripped body.

“Wanna go again?”

“You’re reckless. I can’t even look at you.”

“You’re crushing me.”

His head lifted, those blue eyes settling on me as his laughter slowed. “You deserve it.”

My hand shifted and found his injured hip; my fingers brushed the bandage through his shirt. He flinched. “And you need to admit when you need help.”

Pushing himself up, he rolled off me and sat back on his heels, wincing and gripping his side, his lips pulling back and teeth visibly grinding with the motion. I sat up and scooted forward, mindful of the gaping railcar door. I reached up and slid it shut, slamming it with a loud grunt until I felt it lock into place. The loud rumble of the wheels hitting the track was muted now, but the rattling hum still thumped away from outside, filling the dimly lit car with a shaky buzz.

“I’m fine,” he said.

“Fine. Play it your way. I’m going to see if I can find you some medicine.”

I helped push him backward to prop him against the wall, peeling his backpack from his shoulders first. “Try and rest, I’ll see what I can find out.”

“I’m not letting you wander around these cars alone. Not fuckin’ happening.”

“If you don’t rest and get medicine for that wound soon, I’ll be stuck wandering everywhere alone. That ointment won’t cut it. You’re going to need antibiotics. It’s starting to get infected.”

His gaze snapped up to mine and held my stare. “Finger on the trigger.”

“Fire on your mark.” I smirked.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Swan Bonnett Cover Reveal

Book Title: The Swan Bonnet
Author: Katherine L. Holmes
Release Date: July 16, 2013
Genre: YA Historical Fiction
Presented by: As You Wish Tours


Unbeknown to Dawn, her grandfather has shot an old swan out of mercy. In their coastal Alaskan town, her father buys the swan pelt, preventing her Uncle Alex, a fur trader, from selling it for export. Dawn’s father surprises her part-Aleut mother with a hat she helped to make and also with an idea to catch poachers. Shooting swans has become illegal but Alaska is a territory and Prohibition occupies the Sheriff. Dawn and her mother become involved with the suspicious effects of the swan bonnet besides its haunting effect. Because Dawn’s grandparents see the swans first, Dawn agrees to secretly watch the migration with the deputy sheriff’s son. But after she and her mother encounter women from a ship and find out about a hunting party, they ride to the inlet. There are townspeople roving the shore too but who is the vigilante and who is the poacher?

Katherine L. Holmes’ first published book was The House in Windward Leaves, an MG fantasy which became an E-book Finalist in the 2013 New Generation Indie Book Awards and a Juvenile Fiction Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards. Also, she won Prize Americana for her short story collection, Curiosity Killed the Sphinx and Other Stories, published by Hollywood Books International. In April 2013, The Wide Awake Loons was released by Silver Knight Publishing. The Swan Bonnet, a historical novel, will be published in July, 2013, by GMTA Publishing. Katherine has worked with used and rare books in the last years. She lives in Duluth, Minnesota.


Facebook Pages

Triple M Blog Tour!

The Triple M Blog Tour

Books: “Losing Me, Finding You” “Loving Me, Trusting You”

Losing Me, Finding You Blurb

Twenty-one year old Amy Cross's idea of a hot Saturday night is curling up with her favorite book boyfriend and secretly sneaking a bottle of her mother's wine. That is, until she meets Austin Sparks, the biker boy with a past that burns like fire and a gaze she can't look away from. Without knowing what she's doing or why she's doing it, Amy ends up on the road with Austin traveling from one city to another while learning things she's only ever read about in romance novels.

At first it seems like Austin is Amy's fantasy come true, but as their journey progresses, she starts to sense that Austin is running away from something. Amy knows that she'll do whatever it takes to help him find himself. What she doesn't expect is that she'll lose herself in the process and how good it will feel to be free.

Book Links:

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Loving Me, Trusting You Blurb

The Triple M Motorcycle Gang has a new president in Austin Sparks, the bad boy biker that swept Amy Cross off her feet. And nobody's happier about that than Gaine Kelley. Now that his best friend has finally found the woman of his dreams, Gaine's free to go after Mireya. But what if she isn't ready yet? What if the demons from her past howl so loud she can't hear him calling?

Mireya Sawyer isn't ready for love. Not yet. Maybe not ever. Especially not when the one thing she's always fought for is called into question. Triple M may not be a 'real' MC, but they're posing as one, and there are people that don't like that. People who can't accept the way they do things and are willing to take the time to put a stop to it. With several rival gangs circling around, threatening the rights of the women in Triple M, Mireya knows it's time to forget her love affair with Austin and move on. Thing is, Gaine's not willing to stand on the sidelines anymore. He loves her, but can she trust him?

Releasing Soon



All text © C.M. Stunich


“Take off your pants,” he says simply and that's it.  I turn around and stare at him, noticing that his eyes are like fire, waiting to wash over me and burn me to ash.

            “What?”  Austin grins and pulls out a cigarette, sticking it between his lips and taking off his vest.  He tosses it onto the gravel by the side of the road like we're not out in the middle of the country, like we're right back in that hotel room together with all the privacy in the world.

            “Take 'em off.  This is your next lesson.  If you don't wear a skirt, be prepared to take off your pants.  Come on, sugar, let's get to it.  We've gotta hurry before somebody drives by and sees us.”

            “You're serious?” I ask him, getting chills and a gut wrenching belly ache.  Oh God, yes.  I can't believe I waited twenty-one years for this feeling.  It's incredible.

            “As a heart attack,” Austin says, taking a drag on his cigarette and tossing it to the ground, so he can smash it under his boot.  I nibble my lip for a moment and then start to unbutton my jeans.  Austin's eyes follow the motion and narrow when I pause with the zipper halfway down.

            “Take off your shirt,” I command him.  I want to see what's under there.  Three times we've had sex and not once have I gotten to see his chest and belly.  He grins at me and obliges, tearing the black fabric off and tossing it down alongside his vest.

            Austin is … Well, God, Austin is ripped.  He's tight and muscular and I can see every muscle in his belly as clear as day.  His skin stretches hot and slick over the firmness of his chest and stomach, dipping into his pants with a sprinkle of sandy hair.  Above his pecs, he's got another skull tattoo surrounded by roses and on either side, a gun pointing inwards.  Sweat glides across the colorful piece of art and gets caught between his muscles, sliding down and soaking into the waistband of his jeans.

            I practically tear my boots and pants off in my frenzy to touch him.  I can't wait.

            “Panties,” he commands me, and I pause.  Being pants-less in the middle of the road is one thing, but being pantie-less is quite another altogether.

            “Austin … ”  He grins at me and reaches down, unzipping his own pants.  My gaze follows his hands involuntarily, mesmerizing me.

            “Better hurry before somebody comes along and we get interrupted.”

            I swallow and look around, listening for the rumble of cars in the distance and hear nothing except for the droning of the cicadas.  I drop my panties to my feet before I can stop myself and kick them next to my jeans.

            “Now, get on the fucking bike,” Austin leans back and flashes me his cock, hard and ready and waiting.  I move forward and climb on so that I'm facing him, trying to move slowly so that I don't seem too eager.  Truth is, I am eager, almost desperate for it.  Three days ago, I was a virgin reading about my favorite heroines being banged in black and white.  Today, I am the heroine, and I can't wait for my turn.  “Now, look at you,” Austin says, voice dropping into this lengthy Southern drawl where every fucking syllable is a nightmare of sexual tension, bleeding across my body and making me crazy for it.


“What in the holy hell is wrong with that woman?” Austin asks, shading his eyes against the harsh burn of the sun.  My helmet's still on, and I'm peering out the visor at the remnants of Mireya Sawyer's soul.  They're scattered across the yellow desert for all of Triple M to see, laid bare and sizzling hot.  Even if I didn't know her as well as I do, I could see that she's bleeding inside, hurtin' so hard she can't breathe.  My first instinct is to cross the dry ground that separates us and take her into my arms, whisper into her hair and tell her that everyone's going to be okay, that I'll take care of her forever.

            She'd probably kick me in the fucking nuts.

            A smile teases the edge of my lips as I rub at the broken heart tattoo on my shoulder.  Austin isn't happy about the sudden stop, but I don't mind.  I'd do anything for Mireya Sawyer.  Even wait around for ten plus friggin' years while she pined for my best friend.

            “Should I go talk to her?” Amy Cross asks, sneaking up between Austin and me, and curling her delicate fingers around his arm.  Brunette hair whips around her face, hiding the expression of concern that's there, genuine and sympathetic.  She's a miracle that, girl.  The one person on this earth that I think is capable of handling Austin.  She's calm, collected, and she don't hold no fucking grudge against Mireya.  I feel good knowing she's Austin's soul mate.  I just hope he's aware of how lucky he is.

            “Nah,” I say, watching through the visor, waiting with my breath caught in my chest for that day that might never come, for the day that Mireya Sawyer looks me in the eyes and tells me she loves me right back.  I've told her before.  Just once.  It didn't go over so well.  I plan on doing it again, but I don't know when.  If I have to, I'll wait another ten years.  I'd rather not, thank you very much, but I will.  I'd wait forever if I had to.

            I glance over at Beck who's busy checking out Amy's ass.  When Austin sees, he growls low in his throat and our friend backs off, running his hand through his red hair and chuckling.  Dumb as a Goddamn doornail, but ten times tougher.  I really believe that Beck could take out twenty men by himself.  Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

            “She's just … dealing with some old shit,” I say as Austin sighs and glances back at the group behind us.  Triple M.  Our family.  Our friends.  The people we'd do anything for, that would do anything for us.  It's a confusing time right now, but they're all still here and they're not asking questions.  I think it's because we all knew deep down that Kent Diamond was a Goddamn lunatic.  Well, okay, for me it wasn't even deep down, but thing is, he did a lot of good for us all, rescued us when nobody else was there, gave us a home and a family.  He might've been an asshole, and a backstabber, but he was still the one that gathered us all together, whatever his reasons.

            But now he's dead.

            Austin didn't bother to check before we left, but I did.  I felt for a pulse, and I got nothin'.  I don't think Sparks cared either way.  All that mattered to him was Amy, and that was that.  He took Kent out without a second thought.  Guess love will make you do shit like that without thinking.  It's a violently gentle emotion, ain't it?  A contradiction in and of itself.  I know it's been screwing with me forever.  Especially when I saw that stupid bitch, Tray Walker.

            Fuck.  I wanted to kill that son of a bitch with my bare hands, feel the life drain out of him while I gazed into his eyes and showed him exactly how I felt about what he did to Mireya.  Stupid motherfucker.  But it wasn't my decision.  It was hers.  Beck gave her the knife, and we walked out.  She had blood on her hands when she came out, but not a lot.  I don't know what happened, and she doesn't want to talk about it with anyone.  Not a single soul.

            “We can't sit on the side of the highway all day,” Austin warns, but I'm not sure who he's talking to exactly.  He's in charge now, so he better get used to it.

            “Okay, Pres,” I say, lifting up my visor and feeling the burn of the sun on my skin.  “So what do you want to do about it?”  Austin gives me a look, blowing out a rush of air like he isn't quite sure he's ready for all this.  I don't tell him, but to me and Beck, he's always been in charge.  He's the only one we've ever really listened to.

            “Give her five minutes,” Amy says, so quiet that I almost don't catch her words.  Austin does though.  And he hangs all over them like a kid on the monkey bars.  Jesus.  This boy is so head over heels, it's hard to look at him.  I hope he realizes it.  “I think she needs this.  If you rush her, she'll hang onto the pain.  Let her go for a minute, please?” Amy asks, pressing a kiss to the leather sleeve of Austin's jacket.  His arm curls around her waist protectively, and his eyes soften a bit.  Jesus.
           I turn away.  I can't look at that.  Not right now.  I'm jealous, and I don't want to be.  I just want to be happy.  I just want to be with Mireya Sawyer.

Author Bio:

C.M. Stunich was raised under a cover of fog in the area known simply as Eureka, CA. A mysterious place, this strange, arboreal land nursed Caitlin's (yes, that's her name!) desire to write strange fiction novels about wicked monsters, magical trains, and Nemean Lions (Google it!). She currently enjoys drag queens, having too many cats, and tribal bellydance.

Always a fan of the indie scene and 'sticking it to the man,' Ms. Stunich decided to take the road less traveled and forgo the traditional publishing route. You can be assured though that she received several rejections as to ensure her proper place in the world of writers before taking up a friend's offer to start a publishing company. Sarian Royal was born, and Ms. Stunich's books slowly transformed from mere baking chocolate to full blown tortes with hand sculpted fondant flowers.

C.M. is a writer obsessed with delivering the very best and scours her mind on a regular basis to select the most unusual stories for the outside world.

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