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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Handfasting Blog Tour

Title: The Handfasting

Author: David Burnett

Genre: Romance

Release Date: June



 Ten years had passed since they joined hands at the high altar of the old abbey church, ten years since they were hand fasted, engaged to be married. It had been ten years in which Katherine had finished college, completed med school, and become a doctor. For ten years they had not seen each other, had not spoken, and had not written.
    It was what they had agreed.
    “I’ll find you,” Steven had told her. “In ten years, when we have finished school, when we are able to marry, I’ll find you. Whenever you see a yellow rose, remember me. Remember I love you.”
    For a decade, she had been waiting, hoping, and praying.
    Today, on her birthday, a vase of yellow roses was waiting when she arrived at home.
    Although the action occurs primarily in New York City, psychologically, the story is set in a small town in Virginia. Change came slowly to the rural South in the nineteen-seventies, and attitudes toward women were most resistant to change. These attitudes threaten to destroy Katherine and her chance for the life for which she yearns. The Handfasting is a story of love: love renewed, a suitor spurned, a vicious attack, and a struggle for healing. 

Jaime's Review
Oh my goodness....What a sweet story!! When I started this I couldn't put it down! I read it in less than 6 hours! (which is big for me right now because I have been sort of taking a break)

Katherine was a young girl off to Europe before college and she met a boy named Steve.  They fell in love and he made a promise to her to come find her in 10 years before her birthday. 

Katherine had never forgotten him.  Steve has never forgotten her.

In those years, they had both dated.  Katherine sort of dated a guy that will possibly forever diminish her hopes of ever being with the one she truly loves.  Blackmail is a hell of a thing. 

Mr. Burnett:  I really had no idea that a guy wrote this.  Until just now when I sat down to write this review.  I am a little behind I know.  I must tell you that I could feel everything Katherine and Steve were going through.  Her friends remind me of my own who would be there for me at any day and time that I needed them.  You have a new follower Mr. Burnett. I do hope to read more from you.

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Author Bio:

David Burnett lives in Columbia South Carolina, with his wife and their blue-eyed cat, Bonnie. The Reunion, his first novel, is set in nearby Charleston.

David enjoys traveling, photography, baking bread, and the Carolina beaches.
He has photographed subjects as varied as prehistoric ruins on the islands of Scotland, star trails, sea gulls, a Native American powwow, and his grandson, Jack. David and his wife have traveled widely in the United States and the United Kingdom. During one trip to Scotland, they visited Crathes Castle, the ancestral home of the Burnett family near Aberdeen. In The Reunion, Michael's journey through England and Scotland allows him to sketch many places they have visited.

David has graduate degrees in psychology and education and previously was Director of Research for the South Carolina Department of Education. He and his wife have two daughters.


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