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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scream Street: Fang Of The Vampire By Tommy Donvaband

Please welcome a little Bawakan, Dominic! Here's a kid's view review!!


Meet Luke Watson: reluctant werewolf and Scream Street's latest arrival.

With his new friends Resus Negative(wannabe vampire) and Cleo Farr
(tomboy mummy),Luke thinks Scream Street might just be somewhere
he can call home. However,there's one small problem:his parents are
terrified by their new neighbors.Can Luke find the doorway back to the world before they're scared to death?


Dominic's Review

4 Stars!
I liked this book entirely because it has to do with monsters. Resus Negative is my favorite character because his cape has everything you could possibly think of!
In my context,Sir Otto Sneer is the meanest person in the book because he has a nephew which Sir Otto treats like a servant.The book was set up in good setting, time, and the characters where good