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Friday, February 1, 2013

Feb 1st Eris Kelli

Presents its first new release!
A new novel by author Eris Kelli is set to come out on January 25th 2013!

Piper LeVine is the daughter of wealthy Senator, Harold and Katrine, or so she thought. When a stranger arrives in the night and throws her identity into question, Piper must uncover the secrets of her true origin.
Treacherous demons from a past she never knew she had are coming for her and only the Gypsies know how to deal with the monsters of myth.
Nicholas proves less than truthful from the get-go, but who can she hold onto amongst a sea of mystic if not hostile strangers? He is dangerous, captivating, and the only one who she knows that will stand against the creatures of the dark that seek her.
In search for the truth Piper will find more than her identity. She will discover her destiny, what she is made of, and the family that determines her fate.

About The Author:

Eris Kelli grew up in the Pacific Northwest as the youngest of eight children. Her writing is fueled by her love of adventure, learning and her drive to explore an idea. She now resides in Midwest America, with her husband, 2 beautiful children, and happy old dog. Currently she is fast at work on the third book in the Piper LeVine Series.
What Critics Are Saying About
“Piper LeVine, a Gypsy’s Curse”
"I was enthralled with this story from the very first paragraph. First there is the self-serving father of Piper who I immediately disliked. Of course, this is always great. I need a good character to hate from the start. No book is good without its villains. Then Eris Kelli does a remarkable job of creating this plot that is unique and new, but not so overstretched as to make me lose interest. I’ve read many fantasy type books and this one is ranked right up at the top. I found Nicholas to be a mystery I had to unravel. The more I got to know this unique character, the more I wanted to know him. Like his description says, he’s captivating and dangerous. I found myself anxious to find out exactly what he’d do next. Piper is a heroine you will find yourself routing for and I found myself beside her as she sought answers to a life she couldn’t imagine existed for her. This book left me on the edge of my seat and I can’t wait to read Eris Kelli’s next book and read how this amazing story unfolds.”
~~Melody Anne
Eris Kelli’s Blog Tour will begin on January 25th the date of her release and end on February 25th. We’d be very pleased if you’d join us!