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Monday, December 31, 2012


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Book Description

September 20, 2012
The grandeur of the traveling circus is at its peak in the early 1920s when sixteen-year-old Laila Vilonia is searching for an escape from her bleak future. Behind the gates of the legendary Marvelle Circus, she is thrust into a mysterious world she never knew existed—a paradise populated with outcasts. It’s in this glamorous new home that Laila sparks a controversial romance with notorious sideshow performer, "The Disappearing Man," and learns just how dangerous her new life can be.

Touring the picturesque eastern coast of America, Laila’s immersed in friendship, vaudeville, festivals, sequins, and serial killers. But behind the curtain, a sadistic plan is brewing that will crack the very foundation upon which she’s become so dependent.


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
4.5 stars
 Although the circus isn’t my cup of tea err coffee, I haven’t had tea in a long time, it was so beautifully written. Miss Kayne knows how to use her words effectively and paints a very realistic picture.
 Laila is already in trouble from the first page. She has witnessed something she shouldn’t have. Marvelle, the legendary circus comes into the story to rescue her. Well not for the soul extent to but it ends up that way. 
Taken in by Marvelle, she is instantly shown a new life. A better life than the one she wants to forget. Being thrown into studies, duties, boys, and new friendships. Better than she had. EVER.
 Of course with all good things must come bad, lies, manipulation, heartache, and scandals. I was an emotional wreck at the end, I can’t wait for the next one.
Good Job Miss Kayne!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Touching Smoke


Fallon has one. She doesn’t know it, but it will kill her... if she’s caught.


Isaiah. Her soul mate. Made especially for her. Created especially for her. Designed to be everything she would ever need. But loving him will destroy her.


Willing to die for her, kill for her, Isaiah must first save her from the monster chasing them — the man that had created them to annihilate the world.

What would you risk for love?
My friend Krystal bought this book for me what? a month ago or so and just have been so busy I didn't have time to read it.

I finally got the chance to this week. I kick myself for not reading it sooner.

Mother and daughter constantly on the run, from who? The daughter Fallon has no idea. She just knows that she changes schools way too much. More than most military kids.

I really loved this book. It is a new story line that I haven't read before. Well not to this extent. The possibilities crept into my mind.

I can't wait for the next one.

Thank you Krystal for recommending this one to me!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vampyre Kisses by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej


Vampyre Kisses Excerpt
By: Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

After a half hour, I decided to sit down for a minute to catch my breath. I ordered a shot and a water to get some liquid into me, and searched around for Mac. He wasn’t visible anywhere over the mass of bobbing heads and twisting bodies. As I continued to look around, I noticed two men at a corner table observing the dancers. One of the men must have felt my eyes on him, because he turned to look at me. He gave me a half smile and got out of his seat to walk over to my table. A slower-paced song with a good beat came on. I looked up into his pale green eyes and he offered his hand. I took it, and he led me to the dance floor. He put his strong hands on my back and we moved to the music. His curly dark reddish-brown hair fell past his ears and framed his flawless oval face, complemented by deep-set round eyes and a pointed nose. He licked his thick lips and showed his perfect white teeth with a small smile. With my heels on, our eyes met perfectly opposite one another. His silk black shirt swayed back and forth as we moved. A few buttons were undone to show his smooth chest. Leather pants hung on his hips that pressed against my bare thighs at different points when we moved. We stared at each other during each song that played; I felt like a feather floating in the warm brisk air.
With a tap on my shoulder, I turned around to find Mac staring at me, then at the man. He put his lips to my ear: “I need to talk to you for a sec.” I turned back to the man and put one finger up to let him know I would be right back. He nodded, and I turned to follow Mac off the dance floor.
“That man is bad news,” he said, his lips next to my ear.


Find Miss Elizabeth at these places:

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lil Anchor's Sleigh Ride Blog Tour

James Saves the Moon by Wendy Nystrom
This story was a good little adventure for my little dude. I don't know if I was saying some names correctly but that didn't take away from the story at all!!!
James thinks he can touch the moon because it seems so close on this particular night.  He decides to sneak out, mind you he is only 7, and go see if it can be done.
Along the way he meets a little person and a dragon. On a mission to touch the moon.

Savannah by Jodi Stone
Well even if my boy doesn't like girl stories, I loved it! LOL
Savannah is like most girls with older sisters. Feeling left out and no one wants to play with her.
She decides to take out her pink dollhouse that she hadn't touched since she was two.
Savannah makes a wish that she wanted someone to play with. When she woke up, wow! What a surprise she got!
I liked this story because it wasn't too long or too short. The message at the end fits in all stages of life. I would read this to my niece I know she will love it!!!!!

Waffles and Pancakes Lesson in Bullying by Cindy Springsteen
Let me tell you that I won this book from the fabulous R&M ladies.
I have been hearing so much about this book I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Yes, I am well aware that its a story for children but I am one at heart!!!
Well it came in the mail and if course the boy was "oh for me!" Sigh yes okay.
I read it to him and he said to me "That was an awesome story mom!"
Yes awesome!!

The Prizes!!!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

COVER REVEAL By Rachel Deagan

Title: The Prophesy
Author: Rachel Deagan
Series: The Star Children Series (#1)
Genre: YA/Urban Fantasy/Science Fiction
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: January 11, 2013
Formats it will be available in: Amazon Print , Amazon Kindle , & Nook on release day.

“The cards tell me of the children of the stars.”
Jacey thinks her life is worthless, when she finds herself in a psychiatric hospital after a failed attempt to end her life; her wounds miraculously healed. Devin, who claims to kill on touch, is also there. When Michael arrives, bearing telekinetic powers, he insists the government, and an even darker, more powerful force, wants them dead. 
In a desperate attempt to escape for their lives, the three teens find they must confront an even greater adversary, themselves - and with a Prophesy forced upon them, they must find a way to accept their fate, or rebel together, as one. 


Rachel grew up in a small town Massachusetts where she most of her time writing about strange paranormal creatures instead of paying attention in class. She has always been considered the ‘dreamy’ one with her head in the clouds. She now lives in Nevada with her two sons, a cat and a rat named Sam.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cover Reveal by Ashley Lavering

Star Cursed
Second Book in the Curse of the Beast Series
By Ashley Lavering
Chel finished tying me to the chair and stood. “This is crazy.”
I ignored her comment. “Go down to the basement.”
“Now, I know you’ve lost it.” She folded her arms. “How will this prove that your giant dog is the hot guy that got in your van?”
“I’ll explain later. Just trust me.”
One of her eyebrows rose.
“Please?” I waited for her to nod. “Once you’re down there, I want you to whisper something. Then come back up.”
“Whatever.” With an eye roll, she left the room.
I focused on her feet thumping against the wood stairs and heard the change when they slapped across the tiled kitchen floor. Once the basement door closed, I strained to hear her, but all I caught was a beetle scuttling across the kitchen. Nerves tangled in my gut. Had I missed it?
“If this doesn’t work, I’m calling the loony bin, Tay.” Chel’s voice rang so loud that I jerked back, toppling the chair. I hit the floor with a thud.
Beast’s airy chortle resonated from outside the window.
“Shut up. This isn’t funny,” I told him.
Chel walked through the door. “Geeze, what happened?” She hurried to me. “Are you okay?”She righted my chair with a grunt.
“That depends.”
“On?” She cocked an eyebrow at me.
“On whether or not you’re going to untie me.”
“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry.” She scrambled to untie the knots.
My hands slipped free and I rubbed my bruised arm. “What kind of friend are you?”
“What?” She startled.
I shook my head at her. “I can’t believe you’d commit me.”
“Wait, you heard that?” Her eyes widened.
I repeated it word for word.
“Whoa, that’s, like, creepy and awesome at the same time. But I still don’t understand how this proves your dog is a werewolf.”
The dreaded moment had arrived and nerves attacked my stomach. “Because, Chel—he bit me.”
Seventeen-year-old Tayla will never forget Beast’s fiery-venom spreading through her body like an infection. Now, with her best friend Chel’s help, she must find a human true love before the last petal falls from her enchanted rose or the full moon will transform her into a wolf forever.
But Tayla never expected that her biggest obstacle would come from inside—a wolf presence threatening to take her very soul. At every turn, the she-wolf exploits Tayla’s weaknesses and gains enough control to sabotage her dates. Tayla struggles to control her unruly wolf and her forbidden attraction to Beast. But can she resist his southern charm, the she-wolf’s attraction to his alluring scent, and still fall in love with a human?
Tangled in a web of wills, Tayla must risk everything to break the Curse of the Beast. With failure and possible death looming overhead, Tayla will do anything to find true love. But will one moon cycle be long enough to conquer her wolf and remain human? Or will she become a permanent member of Beast’s pack? Find out in the second installment in the Curse of the Beast series.
Star Cursed coming February 8th, 2013! Add it to your To-Be-Read List.
Help Ashley celebrate her release that same day on Facebookwith the fabulous Release Day Diva. There will be lots of fun games, prizes and other fun stuff you don’t want to miss! Blog Tour details coming soon on her blog and on Amber’s Supernatural & YA Reviews.
You can connect with Ashley here:
Curse of the Beast Facebook Page