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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sweet Valley High

Sweet Valley High by Francine Pascal
I just wanted to let you know that Sweet Valley High #1-#12
will be available on Kindle and for my Nookers as of November 27, 2012
You can find Francine on GoodReads
I remember reading these books back in the early 90's although I do believe I started with Sweet Valley Twins.  Who could forget Jessica and Elizabeth? and The Unicorn Club?
182 books in this series
181 in the High Series!  CRAZY amount of books!!! I had a friend I met in England that had EVERY Twins book....I borrowed a lot of them!
hahahha I am such a dork and I am good with that!!!! I hope some of you were blasted to the past....maybe it made you think of The Babysitter's Club??