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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

new fan of the week!

Hello all, and welcome to the feature fan of the week!!  Today I was blessed enough to interview one of my best friends from high school.  She follows my blog too, so she's a fan! LOL  I hope you guys like it!!! 

Jaime: Thank u for joining me today Kim!  I really can't think right now lmao

Kim: haha, we can always do it at another time

Jaime:   I need to because I already missed a week lmao

Kim :  shame on you lady

Jaime:  I know LOL

Kim: haha, this is a great interview so far

Jaime:  Okay so Kim is my long time bestie, so if she pops out with random stories,  they are prob NOT TRUE  but alas my Minnie doesn't lie LOL

Kim: Well, there was this one time Jaime was found naked in a room...

Jaime: Bwahahahahh my phone called you Minnie

Kim:  oh, wait, never mind, and tell your phone I don't want to be called Minnie

Jaime:  What????? Hey not Jen over here

Kim:  I am not a mouse!! hahah!!

Jaime:  Lmao     Okay so in that retrospect what book character do I remind you of?

Kim:  wow, I didn't think this were going to be hard questions!

I would say, for sure, you do make me think of Jen from the grey wolves series.

I can totally see you dancing on a bar

Jaime:   Um no u can't,  When have u ever seen me dance on ANYTHING?

Kim:  Yeah, I can.  Well, no I haven't seen you dance on anything, but that doesn't mean it can't happen!

Jaime: UM right....I can't LOL I like to keep my clothes  ON thank you hahahahaha

Kim:  Well, I do to for the most part. Well in public at least.

I don't think that needs to be in the interview haha, but I am sure it will be

Jaime:   Well eh hem same goes here

Kim:  ok, well, for now, I will take your word for it.

Jaime:  Hahahahah you never know, it could be part of the interview (*YES IT TOTALLY IS PART OF IT*)

Kim:  Next question!

Jaime:  Well if YOU could be any character in ANY book or movie....who would you be?

Kim:  Wow, I would love to be so many characters, but if I picked just one, I would say Harry Potter. Not that I want to be a boy, but I mean, I want to go to Hogwarts.

Jaime:  Whoa totally with you there!!! I was going to call you Hermione anyway LOL  Oh! How's Pottermore?

Kim: Pottermore could be better. I think that I fell in love so much with the series and was looking forward to being a beta tester for it, that I was disappointed that it seemed so simple and they are so slow with coming out with the books. But other than that, I will stay with it. ThestralHallow26 :)

Jaime:  Purplesnitch113 Go  hufflepuffs!!!  Lol

Kim: Gryffindor is better :)

Jaime:  Well you guys aren't THAT far ahead of us.

Kim: haha, no

Jaime: And the guys on pottermore hufflepuff chat on fb are awesome

Kim : well, I haven't done anything with them on fb

Jaime: I was fan of the week last week LMAO I had a total nerd moment

Kim: Yeah, I remember you posting something about that. Pretty awesome though!

Jaime:  Yes it was!!!! They are so nice!  So where does you genre of books go?

Kim: Oh, I read everything! Currently, I have been reading a lot of of paranormal romance, but I like history, chick lit, crime/detective, and romance

Jaime: Hmm have u read JD Robb books?  U like a widespan of books!!

Kim:  Not yet. But I do need to. I have read every single Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novels, and I love the Eve Duncan books by Iris Johansen, those you should check out!!  I do!! I am an avid reader and can read really fast and retain it all, so I go through a lot of books.

Jaime: I have heard of her!

Kim: She is awesome!

Jaime:Hold on son needs chocolate milk LOL

Kim: haha, get me some too woman.

Jaime: *hands Kim a glass of ice cold chocolate milk*Now where were we?

Kim:  Thank you!! I can drink and talk.

Ready for quickies?

Kim: sure

 Jaime: Favorite cookie?

Kim: Chocolate chip!

Jaime: Dreaded chore?

Kim: Cleaning the bathroom. Boys are gross.

Jaime: Yes!!!!! And they don't even offer to clean the rim!  It's not like WE pee on it

Kim:  I know! I can aim perfectly fine. Maybe they should start sitting.

Jaime: Loooolll YES

Ihe Shining or It?

Kim: It, creepy clown scare me!

 Jaime: LOL  Have u seen it as a grown up? My husband refuses to watch it

Kim: Not funny!! Yes, still creeps me out, but its been a long time. Tell him to man up!

Jaime:  You first

Kim: ok, where is he?  I will tell him

Jaime: He watched it as a kid  Nooo lol not what I meant  Bwahahaha

Kim: haha, its late. I should be in bed, I have to get up in 6 hours haha

Jaime:  So much for quickies  Okay 2 more

Kim: ok, lets go

Jaime:  Fleece or cotton?

Kim Grafing Walker Fleece!

Jaime: Twilight or harry potter? Ooooohhhh good one!!!

*Kim takes a full 5 minutes to answer*

I stumped you didn't I?

Kim: Not fair! Two completly different things!

Jaime:  Lmaooooo

Kim: Harry Potter, I don't like Kristen Stewart yet.

Jaime: Okay okay LOL thank you Kim for joining me!

Kim: Thank you Rita Skeeter for having me!

Jaime:  You go curl up and sleep! And have a great 3 day week  Shut your piehole  LOL Again with Rita

Kim:  Thank you!! I will :) and no I will not, its gonna be your new nickname!

Jaime: Uggghhhhhh fine go to bed LOL  And thanks for coming Mwah love you!

Kim:  haha, I am!! Love you!