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Monday, November 5, 2012

Feature Fan of the Week

Hello people!

I have the LOVELY Katy A with me today as my feature fan!! She runs Book Dream Land!

So thank you Katy for joining me today!

ME: So tell me, what is your favorite thing about blogging?

KATY: Being able to talk to some of my favorite authors and getting their books out there!

ME:  That's great! How many have you met you think? Or better yet...who was your first?

KATY: Personally 0 talk to wow um maybe 30ish......hmm enough to make me feel like a rockstar!! Ohh my first author to talk to was Nichole Chase!!!! She was my inspiration to start all this!

ME: Was she? Is she the one that wrote Flukes?

KATY: Yea! ♥ love that book!!

ME: I haven't had the opportunity to read it yet but it is one my TBR list! What is the darkest book u have ever read?

KATY: Youll fall in book love with blake fair warning!
              Hmmm...eep..idk....darkest PASS!

ME:  Okay no more passing! Lol  And ur most favorite hated book villain?
KATY:  Book Villain....hmmm....have to be Selene from Sweep series! She's an evil witch.

ME: Oh! And who writes that?

KATY:  Cate Terinan!  I really wanted to say Jacob from Twilight bwahah!

ME: What where? He's your fave villain? Omg!!! Lol
KATY:  Lmao yes!!! Teehee!!!

ME: Whhhaaatt???? How is he a villain? Because he wants to break up Bella and Edward?

But if he broke them up, Edward could be with YOU ;-)

KATY:  Duh!!! And I'm really just don't know it! Edward's my soul mate!!!!

ME: Are you clutzy? I think you have more personality than Bella my love

KATY: yeah and I dont stutt er or fidget lol!!!

ME:  I think u could totally rock the glitter skin

KATY:  And im not a vamp women only


ME: I hear u have a Facebook page as well, any good giveaways coming up?
KATY:  Dude ur like the next Rita Skeeter!

ME: What? She's a bitch!  Lol u suck Katy!!!

KATY:  Noooooooo!
Yes! I have an event coming up November 18 to celebrate reaching 1000 likes on Book Dream Land!!!! I am so excited to give thanks to all my supporter! My lovely reviewer assistant Becca will be helping me out!

 ME: Oh a reviewer! Shes a new one right? I mean I do believe I have seen her on your blog before!

KATY: Yes! Shes new, you might have seen her around the blog doing fab readerviews!
ME: Oh yes! I do remember her, she was one of my first feature fans....damn she gets around fast...hussy...

KATY: Yes teehee!!!! I needed a partner in crime to help with reviews area and I know shes a great writer so I begged her to help!!

ME: That's awesome! You two will be awesome together! Good luck on ur blog!
KATY: Thank toots!:-)
Ready for a quickie?
ME: Fave boy band from the past?
KATY :  Nysnc!
ME: *me toooo*
KATY: hot *sigh*
Favorite toy as a child? Kitchen set

Fave color? Teal and yellow

What kind of cellphone do u have? Htc evo 4g

Harry Potter or Percy Jackson? Hp no other way!

Turkey or chicken or ham? no chicken bbq on grill..mmmmmmm yum!
    Mmmm what time is dinner?
          KATY:  5:30 dont be late
          me:  Family guy or south park?
    KATY: Family guy! Hubs fave show!

    ME: Or should it be stewie or Brian?
          KATY:   Ohh neither meg bwahaa
          ME: Lol.....anything else you would like the lovely viewers to know?
          ME:  WAIT Ron or Harry?
          KATY: I'm a twinerd,I love mermaids n turtles, granola bars rule! I hope you love my blog and it helps you find some great new reads! May the odds be ever in you favor.....good day to all!

Ron!!!! Loooove red heads!
ME: Yay!!! And don't forget to like Katys Facebook page and join in the fun for the giveaway!
KATY: Oh n bawakans rule fb now!