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Monday, October 29, 2012

Feature Fan of the Week

hello everyone! Thank you for joining me today!!
I have the WONDERFUL Miss Katrina here with me. She has a blog, the Hidden Reader :)
So Katrina, thank you for joining me today my dear!
Thank you so much! I am so shocked that you picked me!
Now for people that don't know that you have a blog can you tell us what it is about?
Basically a part is for people to see my obsessive books I am currently re reading because I love them so much. The second part is for authors who have asked me to read and review their book. It gets more aknowledgement for the author and helps me fill spaxes with cool things to share.
~What was your first review?
And how did you come across wanting to have a blog?
Kristin actually made me it as a gift for helping her out so much and she basically notices how much I was addicted to books and reviewing them.
How stressed do you get? I know I get slightly stressed when on a schedule SOMETIMES :)
ALL THE TIME. I get so stressed I have to walk away. You learn to save, save, save though. That button has made my life a lot easier.
I heard you got a tiara from someone special! What was it for?
I was a nominee to be on a homecoming ballot by a couple of my friends. Unfortunantly I lost but not for long. Bawaka, my addiction, nominated me homecoming queen and one of the ladies on the sight sent me my own tiara. (which I love. and it has its own stand)
now for fun questions:
Do you have any pets? Names?
oh god where to start?
Dale- 5 month old french papion puppy
Dunkin & Tweety- my two parakeets
Socks- my 8 year old tuxedo kitty
Buster- my 4 year old albinho bunny
Gimbo and company- me and my brothers goldfish (they are all identical except one...hence Gimbo)
Snappy- my brothers turtle...but hes not a snapping turtle!
I heard that you are a SENIOR!!! AAAAND got rockin SAT scores!
They were average scores but thanks. I might have lost a scholarship but there are others
What is your favorite color?
the rainbow!
If you could have ANY(book or movie or tv) character man, who would it be?
This question is torture!!!!! I would have to say Cavan from my book....hehe no one gets him but me (no my book is not published. just for fun...he is everything and more)
What is your favorite movie?
Tie! Phantom of the Opera (and its sequel Love Never Dies) and The Twilight Saga
What's the one book you can read over and over again?
an unimaginable amount
Fave movie quote?
Oh that's something to think about.
"A dream is a wish your heart makes when your'e fast asleep" (Cinderella for those of you who didn't know)
Well thank you Miss Katrina for letting us know a little bit about you!! I hope you have a wonderful day and a awesome Halloween! Good Luck on your blog love!!!